A lot of people come up to me and say, "I'd love to do what you do." I say to them, "If you really mean that, go and watch the VIDEOSCHOOL DVD, do a bit of practice, then come back." 90 percent of people never return. The 10 percent that do will be the next generation of documentary film-makers - the doers, not the talkers.

Jeremy Higham
VIDEOSCHOOL Founder and award-winning film-maker

  Practical, inspirational and can transform the way we communicate. A must for every youth worker.

Roy Crowne
Executive Director | HOPE

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Hosted by TV presenter Cherry Healey, VIDEOSCHOOL is a hands on, DVD training resource with accompanying manual that aims to equip budding film-makers with the skills they need to tell their stories. The VIDEOSCHOOL DVD can be used by groups or individuals and doesn’t require previous knowledge. Whatever your skill level or interest, whether as an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced pro, VIDEOSCHOOL will inspire you to go and make films.
A HOPE resource